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May 27 07 5:16 AM

There it goes again...

To feed good generals, you need good food. To grow good food, you need good pastures. To capture good pastures, you need good generals.

"...but should law be a contract with a criminal to deliver a certain sentence in exchange for the delivery of a certain crime?" - Edward de Bono

Open your mind and watch the legions of despair pour in.

Air conditioning blows, vacuum cleaners suck, and lightbulbs get screwed.

Everyone who doesn't agree with me actually does agree with me, they're just too scared to face up to a reality that could possibly contain something as foreign to them as an agreement with me, of all people.

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May 27 07 5:30 AM

LIES! (It's up fine & dandy)

(it would probably more sense to have a "Server currently: ONLINE/OFFLINE" indicator on the site, than collection of forum threads that are just gonna get derailed)

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Oct 21 10 9:20 PM

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Oct 21 10 9:34 PM

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Nov 3 10 1:11 AM

I've also put a fair bit of time into getting hop-in/drop-out multiplayer capability to the game. I really like the cooperative gaming in Lego Starwars -- one of the favorite things that I like is how easy it is for players to hop into the game and drop out, without affecting the other player, because the AI is free to take over. It makes for a very casual multiplayer environment.

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May 15 13 8:06 PM

Hey all, just letting you know how to play online, because I couldn't find it:

You need to download the game from: http://gate88.boards.net/index.cgi?board=info&action=display&thread=2

It's set up to connect to a new Master server when you go into Multiplayer Game>Server Browser. Remember to go into Settings and change your multiplayer name. Let's bring this game back out of obscurity!

Join and reply at the new unoffical forum: http://gate88.boards.net/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=8#ixzz2TQP2OePp

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